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Bf4 beta failed

BF3 just felt great when you played it even back when the beta came out. BF4 and beta was nothing compare to BF3. Someone would comment and say yeah then stick back to BF3. I would only if they update it with newer maps and more DLC's. I would keep playing BF3 if they gave us new maps and DLC. canoncola wrote: Bumpity, bump bump. Same $hit, different toilet. Any word on this? Anyone?? nVidia GTS 1GB OEM - (tried latest and beta drivers). i3 4MB. 60GB SSD OS. GB SSD Battlefield 4 (usb dock). Trying beta now not sure if that's the beta I tried before the non-beta failed me I'll let you know. Solved: I cannot join a match in battlefield 4, because punkbuster needs to be updated. Everytime I click 'join' it gives me a pop up message that i.

Hello, i tried to preoder Battlefield 4, but it keeps saying at the end: Payment Authorisation Failed!!!! i have international @-Pay Visa card. [–]Gamebargo -3 points-2 points-1 points 1 year ago (3 children). It's our fault. We buy these games and won't cancel our pre-orders even after an abortion like this. What interest does EA have in preventing these things if they still make $ million? Cancel your pre-orders. Do you remember battlefield 4?. BIGGEST Cats Fails Compilation in the World 1 - funny-cats-compilationhours-epic-funny-cats-biggest-cats-fails-compilation-in -the-world-1/ Fail Compilation – Funny Videos – Funny Pranks – Funny People – Funny Fails Battlefield 4 Funny .

BF4 Mantle Error. Murgyyyy Mar 20, , AM. mantle function " grwsiwintakefullscreenownership" failed with GR_ERROR_UNAVAILABLE. GPU: "AMD Radeon R9 Mantle is not quite ready for prime time (at least with BF4). If you are using the Mantle implementation, you're on the unofficial beta test side of things. 29 Oct ((Update: October 30 @ pm: The issue was not resolved by EA before the EU release date. However, as expected, the game unlocked at pm. While I wish I could have reported that the issue was resolved ahead of time, it wasn't, and now (since EA did not demonstrate any concrete effort in.


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