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The Flower Dance takes place on the 24th of every Spring. You enter the dance by entering Cindersap Forest between 9am and 2pm. (You cannot enter the forest before 9am.) When the festival ends, you will be returned to The Farm at 10pm. Flower Dance Lyrics: Lucy:“They serve the purpose of changing hydrogen into breathable oxygen, and they're as necessary here as the air is, on Earth.” / Ray:“ But I still say they're flowers.” / Lucy:“. Print and download Flower Dance. Flower Dance by DJ Okawari on Piano. Transcribed by me based on sight and ear.

DJ Okawari is an independent Japanese DJ, record producer and composer born and based in Shizuoka, Japan. His style mixes instrumental hip hop, nu jazz , and japanese jazz. Piano is an instrumental theme in his music. In his career, he has released five studio albums: Diorama in , Mirror in , Kaleidoscope in. DJ Okawari - Flower Dance. [qf] d [tj] d [pf] d p d [wf] d [yj] d [af] d p d [ef] d [uj] d [sf] d p d f d j d f d p d [qf] d [tj] d [pf] d p d [5wf] d [yj] d [af] d p d [6ef] d [uj] d [sf] d j d { eujzx} p | f - t-p-s-f-[wad] - [yadh] - [0d] - k-[rj] - H-[ej] - [ujx] - [qj] - [tjx] - [wz] {zxz[yk]} h [ej] - u - s - u f {qpsf} - t-p-s-f-[wad] - [yadh] - [3d] H [7j] k [60ef]-l-d-k-s-j-a-h-. Forest mountain Buddhist sactuary located in Pitcairn - Harrisville in the foothills of the Adirondack Range New York, along with a Western PA Sangha group. Our sanctuary is where the healing atmosphere of the mountain forest wilderness is experienced in light of our meditative and contemplative practices.


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