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Natural and manmade disasters ppt

20 Apr every thing about disasters. includes both man made and natural disasters. 16 Jan Natural and Man Made Disasters Mr. Silva's Awesome APEnvironmental Science Class Student Work. 16 Jan Natural and manmade disasters ppt hc. 1. Natural and ManmadeNatural and Manmade DisastersDisasters; 2. Syed AnzarSyed Anzar hussainhussain sd/- hcsd/- hc; 3. What disasters would andWhat disasters would and could effect our community?could effect our community? MANMADE NATURAL; 4.

Rise in gasoline and Natural Gas prices. Gasoline Pollution. Propane (C3H8). Produced as a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Considered an alternative to Electricity. Recognized as the "green" energy. Non toxic/ Nonpoisonous fuel. Ignites at high temperatures (oF). Advantages. It is the effect of a hazardous event caused by either man or nature. Natural disasters are those caused by the forces of nature like hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis. Disasters, natural or man-made, may cause great devastation to society and the environment. The effects of a disaster may be short lived, or long lasting. Agenda. IADB Background for Small States; Small States Commission ; Secretariat's Small States Office; IADB Natural Disaster Exercise Mar; Conclusion Manmade disasters. Environmental Hazards. Wildfires. Accident during transport of Nuclear and other hazardous materials. Total dependence in critical.

Man-made Disasters versus Act of God. by. Mr. Yogesh Lohiya. CMD, GIC Re. 11 th August , New Delhi. Section I. Act of God? -A Global Perspective. 2. Disasters Natural Vs Man-made. Man-made (generally localized) Industrial accidents. Natural (Act of God) (area of spread is vast) Earthquakes/ Tsunami/ Cyclones. What disasters would and could effect our community? MANMADE NATURAL. Objective 1: Define terms, compare and contrast methods and concepts of natural and man-made disasters related to community health.


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