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R6040 linux driver

RDC R NAPI net driver,". "version "DRV_VERSION " (" DRV_RELDATE ")";. /* Read a word data from PHY Chip */. static int r_phy_read(void __iomem * ioaddr, int phy_addr, int reg). {. int limit = MAC_DEF_TIMEOUT;. u16 cmd;. iowrite16(MDIO_READ + reg + (phy_addr << 8), ioaddr + MMDIO);. /* Wait for the read. dma_addr_t tx_ring_dma; u16 tx_free_desc; u16 mcr0; struct net_device *dev; struct mii_bus *mii_bus; struct napi_struct napi; void __iomem *base; struct phy_device *phydev; int old_link; int old_duplex; }; static char version[] = DRV_NAME ": RDC R NAPI net driver," "version "DRV_VERSION " (" DRV_RELDATE ")". RDC R Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL) found in drivers/ net/Kconfig. The configuration item CONFIG_R prompt: RDC R Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL); type: tristate; depends on: CONFIG_NET_PCI && CONFIG_PCI; defined in drivers/net/Kconfig; found in Linux kernels.

1 Dec X-Debbugs-CC: [email protected] Package: wnpp Owner: Piotr Roszatycki Severity: wishlist * Package name: r Version: * URL: * License: GPL Programming Lang: C Description: R Fast Ethernet Linux Driver. 29 May Hi folks, I'm trying to get Ubuntu running on a PCM board from Advantech. To do so I followed the instructions in this file from DM&P ftp:// [email protected]+ I installed a text-only Ubuntu using the alternate installer on a CF. 29 Oct + +config R_NAPI + bool "NAPI support for R" + depends on R + default y + help + Enable the NAPI polling for the R driver. + * Clean up the driver using checkpatch + * Support at linux above + * Support NAPI + * change.

16 Mar There are lines of Linux source code added/deleted in this change. Code changes to Linux kernel are as follows. drivers/net/Kconfig | 12 + drivers/net/ Makefile | 1 + drivers/net/rc | ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++ 3 files changed, insertions(+) create. 16 Mar This Linux kernel change "Add me as maintainer of the RDC r driver" is included in the Linux release. This change is authored by Florian Fainelli on Wed Dec 19 + The commit for this change in Linux stable tree is db17f39 (patch). Add me. 26 Apr Dear Florian: For RDC R FAST ETHERNET DRIVER. There's an issue in r driver. It only occurs when there's more than one Ethernet port. When initializing the MAC in boot up, r driver set the same phy address to different ports. It also display in boot log as below. mii_bus:phy_addr=


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